Joining the Network

Article 4

The admission of new members is subject to the following conditions:

Principles and Structures for Accepting New Institutions as Members of the Florence Network
The Network will admit a maximum of three institutions from each Country
Applications for membership may be made by institutions within Countries that are Bologna declaration signatories
The new institutions will be required to agree with the Regulations of the Network and to sign the Membership Agreement. The Membership Agreement should be signed by the Director/Dean of the Member Institution and the FL-ECO.
Starting in 2015, FN members will be required to re-sign The Membership Agreement every 5 years. The Membership Agreement should be signed by the Director/Dean of the Member Institution and by the FL-ECO. In order to facilitate the administration of the resigning of agreements they will be sent out to all members at the same time.
The VG is responsible for the coordination of this activity and will email the document to the FL-ECOs. Documents should be signed, scanned and returned as an attachment, as instructed in the email.
When reviewing new applications for membership it is important to try to encourage that at least one member from each country offers the midwifery education.

Application Procedures

Applications for membership to the network should be submitted to the Presidency. Potential new members should submit two references and must be accredited to offer bachelor level programs in nursing and/or midwifery.
The AC will publish annually on Blackboard and on other relevant media, the FN strategy, the procedures and timetable for the admission of new members.
The AC, VG and Presidency will make the final decision regarding the admittance of new members. If a vote is required it will be decided by a simple majority. Upon acceptance, the President completes the formal application procedure by sending the new institution the Membership Agreement for signing.
The Membership Agreement when returned and signed by the Director/Dean and, the FL-ECO of the new member institution is signed by the President. This process confirms the admittance of the institution to the network. A copy of the signed agreement will then be returned to the institution.

If you wish to join the network please contact: