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Chicago Referencing and Formatting – A Complete Guide


Different researchers use the Chicago style of referencing and formatting to structure and format their work. Chicago is generally used in the disciplines of history and social sciences for citation and formatting. Chicago style is the same as that of Turabian. The only difference between these two is that Chicago emphasizes the published piece while the Turabian pays heed to the organization and the style of the paper. A good essay writer or researcher is one who possesses the knowledge of Chicago referencing and formatting. All researchers must have basic knowledge about all the referencing and formatting styles to carry out the research process efficiently.


Many students find the Chicago style challenging due to the different technicalities involved in it. If students are not able to carry out the formatting style efficiently, they can get essay writing service from different service providers in the world. Different writing companies and websites are helping students by providing them with customized papers and essays. Many professional writers are writing papers for the students to help them in achieving high grades.



There are some steps that should be followed to write a paper in Chicago style. These steps are as follows:


Choices in Style

While using Chicago style students have the choice to choose the formatting of the reference. There are two systems in Chicago 'Notes and Bibliography' and the 'author-date system. It depends upon the researcher which system he wants to choose. Sometimes professors or relevant teachers provide students with the style which they want in the paper but most of the time students choose between Notes and Bibliography and the Author-Date system.


Notes and Bibliography

The introduction of an essay should start with a hook. It is used to attract the attention of the audience and develop their interest in the content of the essay. One sentence is enough for this purpose. After explaining the hook, provide the significance of your topic and the reason why you have selected it. It should consist of a couple of sentences. The last part of the introduction is the development of the thesis.


You can ask essay writer service for tips on how to write a better essay, and even have them review or proofread an essay you have already written. You would be surprised by how much difference this kind of help can make.



In the Author-Date system, in-text citations and bibliographies are used. The students of the science and social sciences use this system.


Footnotes and Endnotes

At the end of the research, a paper bibliography is added. Footnote is the style of referencing in which references are found at the end of the paper. Superscript numbers are added in the text to guide the number of references. Endnotes are such types in which references are found at the end of the chapter. Endnotes also include the superscript number. It is the choice of the essay writer whether he wants to use footnotes or endnotes. Footnotes are frequently used in the Chicago referencing and formatting but most of the time professors recommend using endnotes in the paper according to the requirement of the content of the paper.


Reference a website

The most important elements to cite a website are the name of the author, title page, web address, and the date of publication. The example of the note and bibliography in Chicago style is as follows:


Note: Alex Johnson, “The Reason of the World War,” CNN, accessed January 2, 2008, website

Bibliography: Johnson, Alex. “The Reason for the World War.” CNN. Accessed January 2, 2008. Website


In case there is more than one author on the website just reverse the name of the first author in the bibliography. The rest of the reference keeps the same.


Reference a Journal      

The most important elements to cite a reference of a journal are the author’s name, article title, journal name, number of volumes, publication date, and the number of pages.


Note: Alex Johnson, “The Reason of the World War,” Social Science 13, no. 4 (Spring 2010): 96-99,

Bibliography: Johnson, Alex. “The Reason for the World War.” Social Science 13, no.3 (Spring 2010): 96-99.


Reference a Book

The most important components to cite the book are the author’s name, book name, publisher city, publisher name, publication year, and pages.


Note: Alex Johnson, The Ethical Code (Washington: Scholastic, 2006), 23-26.

Bibliography: Johnson, Alex. The Ethical Code. Washington: Scholastic, 2006.


Reference a Newspaper

The components to write the reference of the newspaper are the author’s name, article title, newspaper's name, publication date, and the web address.


Note: Alex Johnson, “Drawbacks of Democracy,” The Express, March 3, 2016, web address

Bibliography: Johnson, Alex. “Drawbacks of Democracy.” The Express, March 3, 2016. web address


Reference a Magazine

In the Chicago style, the method of citation of the magazine is the same as that of the newspaper. You can use the same structure in both cases. The basic elements of the citation of the magazine are the name of the author, magazine title, date of publication, and web address.


All these steps can help students to develop a high-notch paper while using Chicago references and formatting. The knowledge of different referencing styles is mandatory for the students because without this knowledge they cannot become good researchers. All these are the basics that make the paper more credible and authentic to be accepted by the audience. If you have not applied to reference and formatting in the correct manual of Chicago, it can deteriorate the whole content of the paper. If any student asks you to write my essay in Chicago format you should follow all the steps to write a high-notch paper. it will make the paper more credible and authentic.



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