Number of Participants

There will be a maximum of 200 participants.


For each University can participate only 1 FLECO and 1 lecturer/dean (each of them can come with 1 student). The fee will be 350 euros per each Fleco/Lecturer. In the University where there is also a Midwifery FLECO, she can also come with her student for a total of 350 euros. For the same price (350 euros), a 3rd lecturer/dean, from the same University can come, but without student.

In summary, for each University:

1° FLECO and 1 student = 350 euros

2° lecturer/dean and 1 student= 350 euros

2° student without lecturer/dean = 200 euros

3° lecturer/dean without student = 350 euros

Please note: for the four University with two FLECOs (one nursing and one midwifery) the 2nd FLECO can come with a student for 350 euros

The fee includes

Welcome reception, coffee / tea / snacks / all lunches, transfers, accommodation for students, necessary documents

The fee does not include

– Gala dinner: additional fee is €50.00 p.p.

– Social Program: additional fee is €50.00 p.p.


The registration will be on the website in two “calls”

The first one will be within 30 January 2019

The second one will be within 20 February 2019 and only if vacancies remain. The new applications will be considered in order of arrival.

The payment has to be already done at the time of registration.

Gala dinner 

Participation to the gala dinner requires an additional fee for both students and teachers. The fee for the gala dinner is 50 Euros.

Market place 

It is an opportunity for students, FLECOs and teachers to present their own University, Erasmus opportunities, and Master courses. Moreover it would be a moment in which students and teachers can ask and receive information about what opportunities each University can offer them and some information about work opportunities for each Country.

We ask all FLECOs, students and teachers to be ready for that and to come with brochures/materials/computer with slides in order to present their own University and some opportunities in their own Country.